Guys you will agree with me if I say that most rural villages in India are unexplored…unexplored in the sense of development. And I believe there are thousands of such villages derailed from a developing India. These rural regions lack the most basic necessities of life with hardly any school facility, medical conveniences, proper sanitation, unpolluted water, and the list goes on and on. Thanks to the many NGOs and charity organizations that utilize people’s donation for children towards child development education and other developmental activities in such areas. Their scope of activities also includes complete upliftment of slum children, street children, malnourished children, and those needy who need all the basic necessities of life. The government also supports these organizations in their developmental endeavors.

I have been donating for child development education and other developmental programs for the last one year without break. The platform is Plan India…I used to donate online half yearly as an individual. Initially I filled in a few details to fill the form. It gives me great joy to just experience the feeling that a part of my earnings is utilized for the cause of child development education. The donation amount hardly affects my budget…well, don’t we just spend money for no reasons at times? It is better that the amount is utilized for a good cause. There are also provisions for donation for children as a corporate; you guys can be a part of a corporate donation through staff fund raising, sales promotion and the like.


A child’s smile illumines your mind no matter the state of your mood. The child is unaware of all responsibilities and sorrows but not all children are blessed with good times. There are countless children who are bread earners of their families. Even babies, malnourished to great extents, serve as the source of earnings at streets for many poverty-stricken parents. It is the need of the hour for NGOs, govt. and common masses to come forward and contribute for their cause. Donation for children or donation for child development education from the citizens will pave way to give effect to this drive.

Your donation for children through the platforms of charitable organizations will let you envisage of a better India, a better future. Charities like Plan India have become active participants in child development education including the children’s complete nurturing.  It has entered into partnerships with various government and non government organisations so that goals are achieved on a long term. It also stands for the development of the girl child and creating awareness on many issues.

One of my friends happened to meet two NGO executives at a happening area in Delhi. They displayed presentations on the NGO they are working for, which is dedicated to child development education and collecting donation for children. My friend paid an amount of Rs. 1000 in cash; later he received a gratitude message on his mobile. He has become a member of that NGO and has pledged to donate at least Rs. 500 a month.

In most of the developing countries of the world, there are still many facets of society which are lagging behind in terms of resources and facilities. Poverty still prevails in India and other African nations; hence the need for underprivileged children’s charity. And the most affected ones in this development path are the little children whose families are unable to support them. Besides, health and nutrition, these underprivileged children are never sent to school as their families, if there are any, are unable to support the resources. For them, providing meal two times a day is much bigger an issue than education.

However, such children cannot be neglected as they are the building blocks of any nation and that is why a number of charitable organizations have taken up a stand against all kinds of child discrimination and have arisen for the support of child development education. Plan India is also one of those organizations which have not only promised to stand for child development education but also invite funds from people like us for underprivileged children’s charity. The need today is to bring lasting improvements in the life of such deprived children of the society.

India is a developing nation and as in most of the developing nations of the world, in India too a number of factors remain unnoticed, non-amended. The most important of all is the welfare of the underprivileged strata of the society. There are a number of poverty-stricken families who cannot support their children and hence leave them on the roads to beg or to earn as wage workers. These children are the building blocks of our nation; they are the future of our country and how can we let them impact our country’s future. You can help underprivileged children by sponsoring child charities like Plan India.

You can help children in India through these charities, which work towards their betterment. Such organizations work with a motive to help children in India and in various other developing countries across the world. Apart from them, few other societies promoting education have come ahead to help underprivileged children. To help children in India by offering them donations in the form of books, clothes, toys can also be practiced by all of us. Let us help every child to get his/her share of happiness; let us do charity.

Those who are not entitled to luxuries of life by birth need not stay in poverty the entire life. Children from economically backward families do not have to face the brunt of harsh life, they just need our support. There are a number of children who are encouraged to drop their studies early in life and work as laborers. A number of times, we do see such destitute children around the traffic signals, many others working at construction sites or factories just for some meager amount of money.

Steps are now being taken to help save the childhood of such children and contribute to child development education. A number of NGOs, charities and other organizations like Plan India have taken the responsibility to enable the lives of underprivileged fall in the right bracket.

These organizations work towards fulfilling the goal of child community development India. Plan India, for instance, concentrates on creating a safe and enabling environment for the growth of children without being hampered by their social and economic situations. With a number of options made available for charity, we too can lend our helping hand to raise the future of India by contributing our financial best to Child Community Development India.

In a developing country like India where child welfare should be given the top priority, it is the most neglected area. Child welfare does not only mean providing free education to children but to ensure that they are educated in a healthy environment that supports their educational growth. Child development education therefore, is introduced to make the future of India blossom and grow up to be responsible citizens of the country. However, child welfare in India is also hampered owing to the poverty existent in the rural as well as slum areas of the metropolitan cities.

Though the government is taking steps to offer proper education to each and every child, it doesn’t necessarily reap up practical results. The target of offering child development education can only be achieved through schools which are outfitted with all the basic facilities like propebuilding, medical, hygienic and sport facilities besides a qualified faculty. It is a pitiable state that a number of Indian children are still deprived of basic education and many others who are being educated in the municipal schools are bereaved of basic facilities and study under unhygienic conditions an intolerable surrounding leading many cases of drop-outs. Therefore, where education is free facilities are nil which questions the ability of government to work for child welfare India. Being a responsible citizen, we should instead of cribbing for the lack of facilities lend our helping hands for child welfare India and donate for charity for children.

Donation for children

Donation for children

What can be better than supporting an underprivileged child’s education or preventing him from succumbing to child labor or beggary? Nothing in fact; by donating to charity you can also change someone’s future positively. A number of charitable institutions act as bridges between the impoverished and disabled children and the well earning society who can donate for the right causes. Earlier, searching for charity homes or orphanages was a tedious and day droning task, however, with the internet gaining the form of a platform for such activities, the gaps have been well bridged.

One can find relevant information about the charity houses online. A number of charitable organizations like Plan India and others invite help from people through online promotions and also enable them to donate for children through demand drafts or cheques online, thus saving their precious time as well. Such organizations invite financial help to support child development, their health and welfare, and most importantly their education. The donations to national charity homes or many other reputable charity organizations are also eligible for tax exemption under the Income Tax laws of Government of India.

The charitable organizations, where the donations are forwarded also volunteer to build many schools where all the poor and the underprivileged children can be imparted free education. The donations thus, help in building and raising the funds for the establishment of such free education schools. Therefore, donation for children and bring in the illumination of education and thus, brighten the future of the country.

Child Foundation

Child Foundation

An increasing percentage of poverty and hunger has augmented the need to help such clan of people. With the intention of extending a helping hand, various foundations came forward. The task of any child foundation would include helping poor and destitute children by providing all the basic amenities. By enabling them enough to access such amenities, the foundation tries to revive the lost happiness and hopes of the poor children. The financial inability of the parents of these children forces them to live a miserable lifestyle. In the wake of doing so, they forget that the child’s future and a bright career would be getting spoiled. It is because of this issue that people should join hands towards forming a developing nation.

Every charitable foundation would work towards saving such children by providing the financial aid through the help of common citizen. Calling people willing to donate is their prime duty. Along with doing this, they send their executives for collection. If you are not able to help in cash; then, you can help children foundation by opting for becoming a volunteer. After all, every kind of help would be good for these poor children as they need it. It is the collective effort of people that can bring a change in the life of deprived. Otherwise, it would be tough for them to survive in the atmosphere where the price of every single thing is touching the sky. A child foundation mobilizes communities, builds their capacities and makes sure they have access to Government services. In places where the services are absent child foundation works on providing makeshift services.

Children charity Organisation

Children charity Organisation

Donation is such kind of water that can harvest a new life for the poor people. On deciding to donate, you have the prospect of contributing in the form of cash and kind both. You can get in touch with your nearest charitable organisation that can utilize your contribution for a good cause. There are certain things that you can bequeath to such charitable organizations for children. Medicines for their health care, food for satisfying their hunger, books for their education, clothes to replace their tattered pieces and other things can be donated to keep their living areas clean. All these are a part of basic amenities and tend to improve the lifestyle of poor people.

The unhygienic living conditions lead unfortunate people to get various life threatening diseases that has no cure too. On seeing this, we all should stand up collectively to solve the problem of underprivileged children and destitute people. After all, being responsible citizens of India, one should have that sense of patriotism and help such people as much as possible. The benefit of donating to a charitable foundation is that the donation collector gives your proper receipt. This helps you to track your contributions that they are used for the said cause or not. Moreover, this helps you to keep a record of regular donations made. It is also necessary as you are paying a part of your hard earned money. This will help you to take a note of things contributed in this direction.

Donation is one such deed that is aimed at solving the problem of inaccessibility to the basic amenities of life. With various number of NGOs in India, this problem seems to be tackled away without any hassles. They make an effort to improve the life of children that are seen working in factories, begging on streets or shops and washing cars. Such children, usually, stay in backward areas that are surrounded by unhygienic living conditions. The chore of an NGO in India include providing them packed food stuff, clothes, health care, run educational camps and arrange awareness programs for their enhanced knowledge. By providing all these things, the NGOs strive to create a path of progress for them. After all, these children might have huge dreams of making it big in their lives.

The concept of NGO India was developed to help these poor children, neglected old aged people and others, who do not have anyone with them. Today, we see a lot of NGOs that are dedicated to provide services to each of the clam mentioned above. It is their effort that a variety of old age homes have been built, numerous orphanages have come into existence and various backward areas have started developing. To accomplish this, they urge the general public to come forward and contribute openhanded to be a part of someone’s development. Together, with the help of general public and their reach outs, NGO try their best to progress in the area of development for such deprived people.