Child welfare India

July 31, 2008

Child charity foundation, donating childhood to a child!

Survey tracks that a child under five dies every 3 second because of impoverished condition and unattended health. The various NGO organizations like Plan India help these children in providing the primary requirements such as food, shelter, proper health and education. They safeguard and provide a ray of hope to these children to lead a meaningful life ahead. Plan India is more than a boon for many underprivileged children.


Child charity foundation plays a key role in shaping the future of various underprivileged children in India. Such non-profit organizations for children are more of a windfall for them. They provide underprivileged children a rightful share of their primary rights. Various child charity organizations in India are promoting and at the same time assisting underprivileged children.


A range of child charity foundations are in operation, which works solely for the deprived children. They strive to provide a better means of livelihood to such children. They give priority to children because they believe that children are the pillars of a future society. These organizations are like the parents for underprivileged children. Such non-profit organizations are committed and dedicated to donate childhood to those children in helpless condition. You can be a part of one too.


Child welfare India: For the welfare of every child


We generally refer that childhood is the most special stage in human life. However, it is more of a curse for those underprivileged children who have to roam around hungry, impoverished and sick. They are refrained from preparing themselves as the pillars of the generation yet to come. This is a relevant social issue which every one of us have some idea. However, we choose it better to avoid than to probe into the matter. This is what we generally do so that we do not have to compromise with our comfort zone. The society over-rules the underprivileged children here in the end.


There are many bodies working under the central theme of Child welfare India. As the theme suggests such bodies work to bring about the welfare of every underprivileged child. We refer children as the ‘torch bearer of the coming generation’, and helping them to shape and mould their life has to be given due care. Such organizations work to provide every aid to every child in need.



Children charity organizations: Parenting the underprivileged children


Children charity organizations have rendered much help in providing every basic support to underprivileged children. This body is more of a parent for those impoverished children. Numerous child charity organizations are providing means to provide shelter, education, training and better health to the street children. This covers as rehabilitation for them. Thus, they are more of a parent for these underprivileged children parenting their every basic need.


The child charity organizations focus on various health and awareness factors of children. The supports of such organization help the children become active participants in the whole development process of a nation. Moreover, to ensure achievement of the long-term goals, various such child charity organizations are established.



The Milestone so far


Every single effort of such child welfare organization has so far made a positive difference in the quality of education, mostly for girls. What is more striking is that it has resulted in an abrupt fall in early child marriage. Moreover, there is also increased awareness on various health related factors.


The various vocational training and income generation programs by children charity organization also provide a much better livelihood options. This way it promises a better and meaningful life for the underprivileged children.


Child Welfare India in fact promises smiles to every child irrespective of caste, creed, gender or geographical origin.