A child cannot probably dream of becoming someone in the future when at present he or she is starving/sick or roaming homeless. This is utter annoying to note but this is very much true. I am not relating these facts from the point of view of a social worker but from the point of view of a human being. We call ourselves a part of a society with giant achievements. However, we hardly take time to notice the naked truth that we still ignore many things, which we can try to solve.  It seems more of the “darker side of a civilized society”. One that we chose to ignore every day of our lives.


While the pace of our lives do not allow us to manage to do much…there are little things we can do every day… give a smile to that child on the street and encourage him/her to study…your giving that one rupee will not help but a persistent encouragement might.


I have been doing this for some time now and am sure most of them have ignored my advice but even if one child got inspired… that would be so much better than me joining in battering their dignity they don’t even realize they have lost.


One sustained effort can be to sponsor a girl child or sponsor a child charity. But while you make this effort chose your charity wisely. Are they spending too much on raising funds or their administrative expenses? Do they talk of long term development and long term programs? While most of do donate…we could make a lot of difference if we donate wisely. Check the organizations annual report… ensure their own expenses are minimal and their program expenses maximum. Ensure the organization has checks and balances in place to monitor their funds and progress. And when you find such an organization you tell your friends about it. Simple steps…. Can lead to a large change.


I too will like to tell you about one such organization Plan India(www.planindia.org). Well researched, well planned in how they work, with good monitoring mechanisms and only 13% spend on admin and fundraising. I have visited one of their programs and have met with the most amazing girls… girls who have grown up in the communities where Plan works and now work there while they study to make sure more and more children are part of the initiative. Enough for me to believe that sponsor a girl child and sponsor a child charity is a good way to make a lasting impact.