The growing number of  underprivileged children in India has alarmed the nation about its future.  Such children, residing in below-the-poverty line areas or sleeping on the footpaths, depict  a picture of real helplessness.  They lack  the basic amenities, such as education, health, shelter and food. As responsible citizens of the nation, it is our  duty to provide them access to such facilities and give them a chance to contribute positively to the society. 

Education of underprivileged children is an issue of utmost importance. Education  makes them aware about their well being and helps them nurture their future better. Small efforts from your end  can make their dreams come true and  bring a ray of hope to their lives. To help underprivileged children, we must  collectively chalk out ways to  better their lives.

It’s our duty to help these children establish themselves, get equal opportunities as the educated, and not feel neglected. We can extend help through individual efforts or as a  group. Every effort counts and works towards making these children feel wanted and get their rightful place in our society. Just think about the smiles your small help can bring on the faces of such underprivileged children! All the smile costs is your unconditional effort to help  them achieve their goals in life. No matter you help girl child or a boy child, your assistance will surely blossom their withered futures .


We can change the live of vulnerable children in India by donating to charity for children. The various child charity organizations cater to the many needs of vulnerable children in India. They help these children with food, shelter, education and hygienic factors etc.


Deprived from all their primary rights, these children lead a vulnerable life and cannot dream for a promising life in their future. Donating to charity is an encouraging step to help many impoverished children.


 Sponsor a child charity to assist vulnerable children. Your single help is going to make a big difference upon the lives of these underprivileged children. It is quite an appalling issue to note that many children are roaming around impoverished and unattended. This is a high time we give a second thought to helping these children enjoy at least their primary share of right so that they can lead a better life ahead in their future.



The Vulnerable children require help from us to enjoy at least some of their primary rights. We can help them out by charity for children, which will transfer the help to various underprivileged children.  In such a way, we can help them enjoy their basic needs and requirements.


These poor children do not have access to education. They are completely devoid of this primary right. Many NGOs are however helping these children by offering supplementary education. The donation for children made by these NGOs are utilized for providing the basic and primary needs of underprivileged children. Their operations and undertakings to help these children are highly appreciative. We can also render our help by giving charity for children or donating to these NGOs or else sponsoring a girl or a boy child.