Spend a nominal sum and connect with a boy or girl in a fond relationship which will change his or her life as a whole. No doubt it will also change your life as well. You can provide opportunities for education, health and personal development to these children. Various NGOS like Plan India is reaching out to underprivileged children in many ways.  

One can always Sponsor a child in India. It is not going to cost a fortune supporting underprivileged children with a small amount of monetary help. You can direct your help through various ways.

Sponsor a girl child today and direct her to a better life. Show her the doorstep of a school. A girl child can always be at par with a boy child in every aspect. Girls can also contribute a meaningful share in shaping up a promising future of the society in every field.

Whether you sponsor a boy child or a girl child, reaching out to help underprivileged children is one humane effort. There are various ways to reach these children and online donation is one easy way to do so. You can also sponsor a child charity. A child charity organization works for supporting underprivileged children.  A particular child charity organization:

·         Supports underprivileged children with food and shelter

·         Provides institutional care

·         Provides  vocational training

·         Renders health assistance etc

If you would also like to contribute to the efforts of these child charity organizations, you can explore different ways of supporting them through online resources.


Help underprivileged children and save their future! This is the right way of doing good deed. Every day, we come across certain amount of children begging on the streets. Many of them do not have a proper place to live and sleep on the pavements. It will not only endanger their life, but also their future. Being the responsible citizen of the nation, we all should come forward for their betterment. We can help children in India by making regular donations. The contributions can be in the form of money, stationery, clothes and medicines.

All an underprivileged child needs is little care and love. You can sponsor a girl child, as the ratio of girl child is reducing day by day. The girl child can be provided with clothes, access to educational material and knowledge of proper hygiene. Apart from this, you can also help boy child by providing same facilities as to a girl child. If you don’t know what direction to take in this matter, then NGOs are there at your rescue.

There are lot of NGOs in India that help underprivileged children. They act as the bridge that joins the contributor and a help seeker. These NGOs organize a variety of awareness programmes for the development of these children. Educational camp, health awareness program and treatment camps are some of the programmes that will help children in India. On seeing the present conditions, it has become necessary to help girl child or boy child for giving a proper direction to their future.