Those innocent faces arousing a feeling of love and pity for them are children that we find begging on streets. The time has come so bad that, at such a tender age, they are raising hands for a rupee. On seeing their condition, many of us might think of ways to help them. We can lend a supporting hand and sponsor a child in India. By doing so, we all will be gifting them a direction to live properly and a way to fulfill their dreams. Children deserve a life full of happiness, education and toys. They are not born to beg or clean car windows or polish shoes.
In order to control this degrading situation, we all should come forward and sponsor a child charity. This is done by those people, who do not have any idea about starting point to do charity organization. We can send cheques, drafts or even deposit cash in these charity organizations and they will use the money to buy necessities for children. If anyone of you wants to be associated directly in helping children; then, you can sponsor a girl child or boy child. You can arrange study material for them, admit them to school, buy clothes or toys for them and provide other basic amenities. As per the ongoing condition of poor children, we should stand up together and join hands to eradicate this poverty forever.


Life seems to be so monotonous for children living on footpaths. No educational access, no basic amenities, torn clothes and no toys is the kind of life these deprived children lead. In this case, it becomes our duty to help them and sponsor a child in India. By doing so, we will not only bring smile on their faces; but also create ways for them to grow. After all, every child deserves a better lifestyle. Their poor conditions drag them to work at such a small age. Just think! A child is working at a small age and getting hurt. This should be the time for them to hold toys or books. Our donations will help them in fulfilling their goals.
Another advantage of making donations is that these children will not adopt bad habits, as they will get access to all necessities of life. Anyone can sponsor a girl child or boy child to uplift them from poor conditions that they have been living in. Many of you might have been doing charity for the first time and might not know which way to go. Then, you should sponsor a child charity and keep making regular donations. This will also help you to keep a track of the usage of your contributions. Making donations is such a work that brings serenity in our life and cheerfulness in poor child’s life.

Children are one of the most beautiful creations of almighty. It makes them eligible for care and love. Unfortunately, we find numerous children roaming on streets and living aimlessly. Many of them either beg for alms or clean up car windows for satisfying their belly. This is the truth about their condition, which is worsening day by day. In fact, such situations take them on a different path that leads to bad habits. You can save their future by making donation for children. Every child has a birth right to get the facilities of life; but, their conditions play an obstacle in accessing them.

You can create ways for them by donating to charity organisations in the form of money, toys, study material and clothes. By doing this, you will be able to direct your contributions in the right way. It is because many of you might be willing to donate and are not aware of the correct way to do it. Indeed, donation for children will improvise their future and help them in establishing a stand in the society. Just think! A little of money will bring happiness on the face of children, who have been deprived of basic necessities.