Those who are not entitled to luxuries of life by birth need not stay in poverty the entire life. Children from economically backward families do not have to face the brunt of harsh life, they just need our support. There are a number of children who are encouraged to drop their studies early in life and work as laborers. A number of times, we do see such destitute children around the traffic signals, many others working at construction sites or factories just for some meager amount of money.

Steps are now being taken to help save the childhood of such children and contribute to child development education. A number of NGOs, charities and other organizations like Plan India have taken the responsibility to enable the lives of underprivileged fall in the right bracket.

These organizations work towards fulfilling the goal of child community development India. Plan India, for instance, concentrates on creating a safe and enabling environment for the growth of children without being hampered by their social and economic situations. With a number of options made available for charity, we too can lend our helping hand to raise the future of India by contributing our financial best to Child Community Development India.