In most of the developing countries of the world, there are still many facets of society which are lagging behind in terms of resources and facilities. Poverty still prevails in India and other African nations; hence the need for underprivileged children’s charity. And the most affected ones in this development path are the little children whose families are unable to support them. Besides, health and nutrition, these underprivileged children are never sent to school as their families, if there are any, are unable to support the resources. For them, providing meal two times a day is much bigger an issue than education.

However, such children cannot be neglected as they are the building blocks of any nation and that is why a number of charitable organizations have taken up a stand against all kinds of child discrimination and have arisen for the support of child development education. Plan India is also one of those organizations which have not only promised to stand for child development education but also invite funds from people like us for underprivileged children’s charity. The need today is to bring lasting improvements in the life of such deprived children of the society.


India is a developing nation and as in most of the developing nations of the world, in India too a number of factors remain unnoticed, non-amended. The most important of all is the welfare of the underprivileged strata of the society. There are a number of poverty-stricken families who cannot support their children and hence leave them on the roads to beg or to earn as wage workers. These children are the building blocks of our nation; they are the future of our country and how can we let them impact our country’s future. You can help underprivileged children by sponsoring child charities like Plan India.

You can help children in India through these charities, which work towards their betterment. Such organizations work with a motive to help children in India and in various other developing countries across the world. Apart from them, few other societies promoting education have come ahead to help underprivileged children. To help children in India by offering them donations in the form of books, clothes, toys can also be practiced by all of us. Let us help every child to get his/her share of happiness; let us do charity.