A child’s smile illumines your mind no matter the state of your mood. The child is unaware of all responsibilities and sorrows but not all children are blessed with good times. There are countless children who are bread earners of their families. Even babies, malnourished to great extents, serve as the source of earnings at streets for many poverty-stricken parents. It is the need of the hour for NGOs, govt. and common masses to come forward and contribute for their cause. Donation for children or donation for child development education from the citizens will pave way to give effect to this drive.

Your donation for children through the platforms of charitable organizations will let you envisage of a better India, a better future. Charities like Plan India have become active participants in child development education including the children’s complete nurturing.  It has entered into partnerships with various government and non government organisations so that goals are achieved on a long term. It also stands for the development of the girl child and creating awareness on many issues.

One of my friends happened to meet two NGO executives at a happening area in Delhi. They displayed presentations on the NGO they are working for, which is dedicated to child development education and collecting donation for children. My friend paid an amount of Rs. 1000 in cash; later he received a gratitude message on his mobile. He has become a member of that NGO and has pledged to donate at least Rs. 500 a month.