Guys you will agree with me if I say that most rural villages in India are unexplored…unexplored in the sense of development. And I believe there are thousands of such villages derailed from a developing India. These rural regions lack the most basic necessities of life with hardly any school facility, medical conveniences, proper sanitation, unpolluted water, and the list goes on and on. Thanks to the many NGOs and charity organizations that utilize people’s donation for children towards child development education and other developmental activities in such areas. Their scope of activities also includes complete upliftment of slum children, street children, malnourished children, and those needy who need all the basic necessities of life. The government also supports these organizations in their developmental endeavors.

I have been donating for child development education and other developmental programs for the last one year without break. The platform is Plan India…I used to donate online half yearly as an individual. Initially I filled in a few details to fill the form. It gives me great joy to just experience the feeling that a part of my earnings is utilized for the cause of child development education. The donation amount hardly affects my budget…well, don’t we just spend money for no reasons at times? It is better that the amount is utilized for a good cause. There are also provisions for donation for children as a corporate; you guys can be a part of a corporate donation through staff fund raising, sales promotion and the like.