Any child charity organization India works throughout the year to help the children in need. From the assistance of general public and their donations, they try to organize various help camps and provide every basic necessity to them. In fact, it is their effort to eradicate the evil of poverty from their life and enable them to live in a slight better condition. Charity organization for instance, concentrates on creating a safe and enabling environment for the growth of children without being hampered by their social and economic situations. With a number of options made available for charity, we too can lend our helping hand to raise the future of India by contributing as much as we can.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Ruchi Bhatia said

    I want to help these deprived children with my service to them but i will not be able to donate money but can provide help otherwise.Please contact if in any way i can help these deprived children

  2. Mrs.Ambuja said


    We have opened a School for poor and orphan children those are necessary to need education to save life from crime, corruption & bad activities. To save them from this and give them a good future like morning sun of each child and their parents.

    We need your suggestion and help.

    Thanks & Regards

    Capt.Prashant Pattanaik

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