Donation is one such deed that is aimed at solving the problem of inaccessibility to the basic amenities of life. With various number of NGOs in India, this problem seems to be tackled away without any hassles. They make an effort to improve the life of children that are seen working in factories, begging on streets or shops and washing cars. Such children, usually, stay in backward areas that are surrounded by unhygienic living conditions. The chore of an NGO in India include providing them packed food stuff, clothes, health care, run educational camps and arrange awareness programs for their enhanced knowledge. By providing all these things, the NGOs strive to create a path of progress for them. After all, these children might have huge dreams of making it big in their lives.

The concept of NGO India was developed to help these poor children, neglected old aged people and others, who do not have anyone with them. Today, we see a lot of NGOs that are dedicated to provide services to each of the clam mentioned above. It is their effort that a variety of old age homes have been built, numerous orphanages have come into existence and various backward areas have started developing. To accomplish this, they urge the general public to come forward and contribute openhanded to be a part of someone’s development. Together, with the help of general public and their reach outs, NGO try their best to progress in the area of development for such deprived people.