The children ngo is associated with budding and civilizing the life of poor and underprivileged children. They endeavor to improve the life of children that are found working in factories, begging on streets or shops and clean-up cars. Such children, usually, dwell in backward areas that are enclosed by unhygienic living conditions. The task of such ngos include providing them packed food stuff, health care, clothes, run educational camps and arrange awareness programs for their enhanced knowledge. After all, these all activities are meant to augment the living conditions of poor children and establish a place for themselves in a developed society. After all, they also deserve to be looking forward to fulfill their lost dreams.

The ngo, in general, works toward the profit of deprived and isolated category of people. They are quite well aware of their demands and requirements. To accomplish this, they urge the general public to come forward and contribute openhandedly to be a part of someone’s development. In fact, anyone would be more contented to improve the life of those people, who hardly have any right to use to basic amenities. So, it is always better to do good by developing new ways of progress. Every other Indian ngo is dedicated in helping poor people in some or the other way. They know that things are pretty difficult for poor people and they cannot even afford a single meal once in day. To accomplish the task of providing better living conditions, these ngos work efficiently in all aspects.


Regrettably, the world we live in is inhabited with millions of people who have to face paucity, dispossession and even frightening situations everyday because they do not own the bare requirements to keep going. Still, luckily, there are several charity organizations that make regular efforts to construct this world a better place to live in, for this segment of the distressed population. The most important part of this section is poor children, who are considered as the future of a nation. To sustain most of their liberation programs, however, children organizations are reliant on the benevolent spirit of the population that is well provided with finances and amenities.

When you contribute to a children organization, it is better to talk at length with the agent of the organization regarding the purposes of the organization, their programs for the improvement of the problem they are working for, how they plan to use your money and last, but not the least, ask for the acknowledgment of your donation for tax deduction. You may even track further with the charity you donate to, to make sure that your money was put to the right use. One thing is essential to consider is that the charitable donation organization should be registered or licensed by the state with the 501(c) (3) status.

Charity is possibly the best trait of humankind. It is an ideal way to support the subjugated. Unlike before, today there are many charity organizations across the globes that are working in different areas. Their main aim is to help the people in need and work for their growth.

Helping someone is the best gift that we can give to anyone. In fact, extending a helping hand not only solves the problem of other person; rather, it brings a ray of hope in the dull life. And when it is the matter of helping children; then, this is more necessary. After all, children are like soft flowers that have to be nurtured with extreme care and love. These days, we get come across a variety of children that are living in unhygienic conditions and managing to survive in pathetic living conditions. There might have been times, when they didn’t even have had a single meal in one day. These are some of the heart rendering conditions that increases the urge to help a child and take him or her out of that dark pit.

We can come forward and help child in many ways. There are some of the basic needs, such as food, clothing, education, medicine and shelter that need to be fulfilled. Though it is not a compulsion; but, one should make an effort to help as much as possible. Either you can do child help by providing all the facilities or anyone of them. Moreover, you can also bring happiness in these children’s life by gifting toys to them. There have been a variety of children, who might not have even known the meaning of toy. All the efforts made to help them and revive their happiness will be rewarded with a smile on their face. Such children only need help, care and affection that are enough to make them juvenile.

Today, we see a lot of poverty, helplessness and pathetic lifestyle around us. Well, a lot of people, including women and children are living such a bad life that they are not able to get even a proper meal once in a day. These conditions lead them to even worst lifestyle. Even, a variety of such people die because of lack of hospital and medicinal access. At this point of time, non profit organizations work towards providing them with certain essentialities of life. After all, it is their duty to improve the condition of the country. Well, they carry out their work process after collecting donations from the general public. We should come forward on our own to be a part of our country’s development.

What we can do is donate certain amount of money to any of the non profit organization that serves our aim of helping that particular section of population. Apart from this, we can also opt for providing clothes, medicines, packed food items, book and other necessary material for the needy people. In fact, they also desire to live a better life and come out of their poverty. If suppose, they are not able to manage their expenses themselves; it is our duty to help them in every possible manner. Being the responsible citizen of the country, we can get ourselves associated with some children welfare India organization or other association for the betterment of poor. So, we should all come forward to improve someone’s life and take their blessings.

Have you ever thought that how much time we get to do a good deed or help someone in need? Charity is one way that will really enable us to do something good by providing basic necessities of life. On deciding to do so, you can look out for a charity organization that deals with aspects on lending a helping hand for the needy people. Today, we come across a variety of people and children that live on footpaths and eat stale food from the dustbins. Their conditions are worsened to such extent that many of them can even not buy a simple medicinal tube to apply on their wounds. The charity organizations keep on organizing different camps at various places to solve the problem of the poor to a large extent.

Just think that on becoming a member of these organizations, you will get a chance to develop the life of someone, who was not even hoping to see good times. The organization’s staff arranges for donations from world over to support the deprived and make an initiation in the direction of their development. You will find that every charity organisation is dedicated to managing some or the other social cause. It is their duty to arrange for necessary doctors, teachers and other volunteers to assist them in making their camps successful. If you are not able to pay anything to these organizations and still want to help the poor; you can opt to become a volunteer in their programs for serving the disadvantaged.

We see a lot of poor families living around our houses. Their conditions lead them to drop out their children from schools and make them work at some shop or a factory. Well, this is not the correct way of living a life. But, what can be done as their poor conditions force them to stop the education of their children. At this point of time, it is our duty to fulfill the requirements of those poor children and their facilities. We can do so by making charity contributions for their betterment. After all, this deed is done to develop the life of some deprived and why not to be a part of someone’s development.

It is all up to you that you give child charity to those poor families, so that they can buy the things that are necessary for them. Apart from this, you can also contribute toward charity India organizations that deal with various aspects of improving the lifestyle of these underprivileged children. These India charity organizations keep on going to such backwards areas and organize camps on regular basis. It can be health camps, educational camps or providing meal plans. In fact, you will also be getting a receipt for your contribution that will enable to keep a record of your donations. You can either make donation on monthly basis or quarterly basis or yearly to add significance to the life of deprived children and their families. So, we should make it a regular practice to evade poverty from our country and make it a developed nation.

Child Education

March 20, 2009

It is pitiful to note that there are lakhs of children who are still not provided with the basic means of food, shelter and education. Just imagine, if this is today’s condition, what will these lakhs of people do in the future with no educational background! Thanks to the many NGOs who work towards education of underprivileged children, thereby, bringing smiles to the lives of many.

Child development education is the need of the hour, and we people who are capable to bear the educational expenses of these poor children can contribute for the same. Child education can thus give a new dimension to the literacy ratio, adding to the literacy growth rate. I have often come across ads, especially banners, as I browsed through sites on the Internet. These banners or advertisements feature on education of underprivileged children, requesting the user to be a part of it.

I clicked one of the banners, which transported me to a form for the given details to be filled in. Such an endeavor for child education is really noteworthy. I donated some amount. And there must be many others from across the world who are warm hearted like me and must have donated some minimum or maximum amount for child education via these banners or advertisements. NGOs also individually approach people for the same. And, I hope, such donations are utilized for child development education only and are not misused.

Donation is all about parting with little money every month or twice a year for a good deed. Though, there are numerous poor people that require donations; but, it is the children that need them to relive their life. Donation for children is meant to bring a ray of hope in their scattered life and enable them to fulfill their dreams. Now days, we see a lot of children begging on streets or cleaning car windows for earning one or two rupees. Their pathetic condition reflects their poor lifestyle. In such a case, it becomes our duty to come forward and donate for children in the form of cash, toys, stationary material, medicines and other possible essentials.

If we don’t think of doing a good to them, they might acquire bad habits and live a more problematic life. Assuming that children are a replica of god, a little help will enable them to establish a place in the society. Are you trying to donate for first time and don’t know the way to go? In this case, donating to charity seems to be the best option. In this way, the donator can keep a track of his contributions and can become a regular member of the same organization too. Well, anyone can donate charity to help the deprived children in reviving their happiness.

The fate of the poor children seems to be getting bad to worse due to their ongoing condition. These conditions can be really dangerous, directing them towards attaining bad habits. In order to make their life more organized, we should donate to a child foundation that keeps on doing something or the other for the benefit of poor children. Some of the programs organized by such foundations are awareness programs, mobile education plan, eradicating polio program, mid-day meal program and distributing toys or other essential material.

No matter it is a charity foundation working for infants, grown up children or mentally retarded, the main aim is to improve the lifestyle. Timely organization of help campaigns by these foundations enables children to have access to their dreams. Many of such children might not have seen books, pencil or pen. The literacy camps let them acquire basic knowledge of various subjects. In fact, few likewise camps run for lifetime. This helps the other generations also to acquire knowledge and establish a stand in life.

The child charity foundation works in different areas to fill the blank in a child’s life. Numerous of these foundations also work for children, who live in backward areas and do not even have access to electricity. Nothing goes away from us, if we come forward and make efforts to bring happiness in their lives. In fact, our good deed would be opening ways for them to fulfill their lost dreams.

Those innocent faces arousing a feeling of love and pity for them are children that we find begging on streets. The time has come so bad that, at such a tender age, they are raising hands for a rupee. On seeing their condition, many of us might think of ways to help them. We can lend a supporting hand and sponsor a child in India. By doing so, we all will be gifting them a direction to live properly and a way to fulfill their dreams. Children deserve a life full of happiness, education and toys. They are not born to beg or clean car windows or polish shoes.
In order to control this degrading situation, we all should come forward and sponsor a child charity. This is done by those people, who do not have any idea about starting point to do charity organization. We can send cheques, drafts or even deposit cash in these charity organizations and they will use the money to buy necessities for children. If anyone of you wants to be associated directly in helping children; then, you can sponsor a girl child or boy child. You can arrange study material for them, admit them to school, buy clothes or toys for them and provide other basic amenities. As per the ongoing condition of poor children, we should stand up together and join hands to eradicate this poverty forever.